Faith Formation - November 2014

Dear Families,

The crisp days and falling leaves remind us that one end is near as we come close to the new Church Year.  The darkened evenings with the change of times makes us long for the Light we find in Christ.  The pumpkins (or at least the pies) bring to mind family times and reasons for Thanksgiving and Gratitude.

In this Newsletter:

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  • Strong Catholic Families/Strong Catholic Youth
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  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Youth Ministry
  • Upcoming Events

Faith Formation

At St Columba, our program for grades PreK-8 continues on Wednesdays from 6:15-7:30.  Thank you to all the parents, teen volunteers, and catechists who helped prepare our All Hallows Eve party.  In our next few weeks we will have classes and special celebrations.  Fr John will be joining us for a very special teaching Mass on December 3.  The whole family is invited. Contact: Colleen Trevisani

At St Mary, we have gathered for our monthly programs that complement our Summer Intensive Programs. Our next session is November 16 on the topic of God the Father and Creator.  People of all ages are welcome – we have groups from nursery to adult.  Contact: Colleen Trevisani

At St Vincent, our faith formation programs continue.  Plans are underway for Thankgiving celebrations as well as the annual fruit basket project.  Donations of baskets, fruit and candy are needed.  More info will be in the bulletin. Contact: Kathy Kuntz

Strong Catholic Families/Strong Catholic Youth

We have had two sessions with presenters from Strong Catholic Families/Strong Catholic Youth.  We heard research data about what helps pass on the faith to our young people.  Our next step is to make a plan to gather a team and some data about best practices.  We will have an upcoming session at St Columba open to any interested parishioners – we have already held sessions at St Mary over the summer and St Vincent in October.

Like us on facebook

We are having a little friendly competition to raise likes on our parish pages.  Please "like" us at one of the parish pages - St Columba, St Mary, St Vincent or the Youth Ministry Page.  Youth Ministry is also on Twitter and Instagram.  As per diocesan guidelines adults are not permitted to engage in one-to-one communication with youth, so no "private" messages will be sent to youth.  Another adult or a large group will always receive the same communication.

Sacramental Preparation

Reconciliation - Please pray for our youth at the three parishes who will be celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time over the next few weeks.  

Eucharist - Preparation for the Sacrament of Eucharist will be in the spring for children who have completed a year of faith formation/Catholic school and are currently enrolled, are at least 7 years old and have already completed preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  See Kathy Kuntz.

Confirmation – Our new program for Confirmation will begin in January for youth in grades 8 and up. See Colleen Trevisani.

Youth Ministry

Sherry Clifford and Colleen Trevisani are working with other staff and parents to help teens build their relationship with God and the Church Community through prayer, service and discussion.  Teen Time meets most Sundays after Mass – rotating locations.  This is open to any high school youth as well as 8th grade students preparing for confirmation.  The Teen Time sessions include prayer, active learning on a topic and food.  Many will also include some type of service and active group activities.  We will also be gathering a group for upcoming diocesan retreats and National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC).

Here are a few upcoming dates of interest.

For Elementary/Middle School

  • Nov 15 – St Vincent – Cluster Liturgical Ministers Retreat (Youth oriented session for current or future Altar servers) - 8:30a-12p

  • Nov 19 – St Columba Family Thanksgiving Celebration – 6:15-7:30pm

  • Nov 24 – St Vincent Thanksgiving Celebration – 5:30pm

For High School

  • Nov 15 – St Vincent – Cluster Liturgical Ministers Retreat (babysitters needed, Youth oriented session for current or future Altar servers) - 8:30a-12p

  • Dec 6 – St Columba Knights of Columbus Dinner – 4-7pm – set up and servers needed

 For College Aged Young Adults -

  • Nov 26 – Dinner for College students – location/time TBA

Adult/Family Events

  • Nov 9 – St Columba - Confirmation Information Session 10am

  • Nov 15 – St Vincent – Cluster Liturgical Ministers Retreat (babysitting offered – please RSVP, Youth oriented session for Altar servers) – 8:30a-12p

  • Nov 16 – St Mary – Whole community Faith Formation 9-11am

  • Nov 17 – St Columba – Faith Formation Advisory Team Meeting 7pm

  • Nov 19 – St Columba Family Thanksgiving Celebration – 6:15-7:30pm

Please know I am always here via email, phone or my office to talk with you about concerns or ideas.    





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