Christmas Letter 2014

Christmas Newsletter 2014

Dear Friends ~ 

Christmas came to me a little early this year.  Actually, it came to me mid-March when I received a call from our bishop asking me if I would like to be the pastor of the Caledonia, Scottsville, Churchville cluster.  In all honesty, my heart soared.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome here.

I remember hearing Advent being referred to as a pregnant season.  A time of waiting and preparing for the Christ Child to come into our lives yet again.  If you think about it Christ cannot be born to us enough, can he?  As Christians, there is a great need for him to be made known to us in so many ways.  Not the least of which, being through each other.

That is my hope for us this year.  That in all the bustle, and business, and commercialism of the season, there will be times when we are able to find Christ being the center of it all.  Each of us recognizing why we become so caught up in the season.  “Making ready our homes” as the song says.  Because Christ comes to us in song, in celebration, in the gathering of friends and family but most importantly, in His very self; The Eucharist.

Enclosed in this letter you will find a number of opportunities to gather with us to celebrate the blessings of this season.  As I stated before, I pray that during this Advent and Christmas Season, we all find the time to realize how often Christ is born unto us.  For unto us a son is born, a Savior given.

May this truly be a time of blessing for you, your family and friends.

In the Peace of Christ,

Fr. John Hayes, Pastor


Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve   


St. Columba ~ St. Patrick
  4:00pm  &  10:00 pm 
       St. Columba's Choir Concert at 9:30 pm

St. Mary of the Assumption
4:30 pm & Midnight
Children's Choir Concert at 3:30 pm
St. Mary's Choir Concert at 11:30 pm

St. Vincent de Paul
4:00 pm & 11:00 pm
Instrumental Concert at 3:30 pm
St. Vincent's Choir Concert at 10:15 pm


Christmas Day

                                                                 St. Vincent's 8:00 am

St. Columba's 9:00 am
St. Mary's 10:00 am

Solemnity of Mary,  Holy Day

St. Vincent's  5 pm, Dec. 31
St. Columba's  8 am, January 1
St. Mary's 10 am, January 1


remembering those we lost in 2014

please join us for a special mass
to remember those we lost from our cluster in 2014
on friday, january 2, 2015
at st. columba's at noon. 


Social Ministry:  Deacon Matthew Dudek

Catholic social teaching is a core part of being Catholic. We have social ministry committees throughout our cluster who focus on this Catholic work.
The Angel Bear and Giving Trees you see in our churches at this time of year are only part of the work that helps our communities and beyond. Our committees dedicate tithing monies to many charitable organizations. And an informal group of "extra hands" -- who started by planning a Lenten program -- represents all our parishes and has brought about such giving events as the hygiene kits for Rochester's homeless and emergency food for the pantry at the Catholic Family Center.
If you are interested in helping, please let Deacon Matt know.

Adult Faith Formation:   Deacon David Paluskiewicz

Adult Faith Formation is offered in a variety of offerings, at a number of different times and all through the calendar year so that, hopefully, we can offer something for everyone who wants to learn about their faith and grow spiritually.
The following are some of the ways we offer Adult Education and have offered:3 Bible Study Programs, Adult Education in our Monthly Family Program, Prayer Breakfasts with theme presentation, Day of Reflection at the Abbey of the Genesee, Parish Retreats (Advent, Lenten and Liturgical), Icon Painting, our yearly trip to Geva Theater to learn about the sacraments from Sister and this February a Marian Retreat with a book study component. We also have adult sacramental programs for those would like to join the Catholic Church or who would like to prepare for Confirmation. Please call Deacon David Paluskiewicz @ 538-2126 Ext. 7004 for assistance. 

Faith Formation: Colleen Trevisani (St Columba, St Mary), Kathy Kuntz (St Vincent)

Our Cluster vision statement calls for lifelong faith formation.  To this end we have several models to implement this among all ages from small children to adults.  All are unified in the one heart of Faith Formation – becoming faith filled disciples of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church community.

Each parish site has ongoing programs for elementary and middle school youth led by trained catechists.  St. Columba and St. Vincent have weekly programs and St. Mary's has an intensive summer program with monthly gatherings.  See contact info on the front of this bulletin or at

Join us for 12 Days of Christmas – Faith Formation activities for all ages.  Service, prayer, Mass, Meals and more.  See website for more info or contact Colleen Trevisani.

High School Faith Formation/Youth Ministry: Colleen Trevisani, Sherry Clifford

Comprehensive Catholic youth ministry is more than just youth group.  It is all we do to help teens grow as disciples of Jesus and young adults in the Catholic Church through service, prayer and worship and reflective, experiential learning about Bible and our Catholic tradition.

Regular components include teen time gatherings several times a month, and get involved in service projects, and in the regular liturgical, social and mission life of the parish.  Teens also have the opportunity to take part in diocese and national level events to celebrate our Catholic faith.

This year we have been gathering for Teen Time, are beginning to plan for NCYC in November 2015, and plan for mission and service activities.

We will also be holding Youth Ministry Listening and Planning Sessions to plan for the upcoming year.  The next session is at St Vincent on January 18 at 11am.  Bring your hopes, dreams and energies to the meeting as we plan ways to form teens as disciples of Jesus Christ.

 World Meeting of Families
A group of pastoral leaders and parishioners from our diocese is planning to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity.  More info will be forthcoming about this event that will consist of a Pastoral Conference for Leaders during the weekdays and a Weekend Festival of Families.  We are in the process of forming a parish group.  Contact Colleen Trevisani for more information.

Next pre-baptism session January 17
For parents interested in having their child baptized, our parishioners Laura, Alfred and Amelia Kuhn lead a pre-baptism session at St. Mary of the Assumption Church. The session beautifully prepares our baptismal families for the sacrament they will experience. Our next session is tentatively scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Saturday, January 17, 2015 at St. Mary's. Families planning baptism for their child and who have never attended a pre-baptism session should contact Deacon Matt Dudek




Here is a prayer for your family to use on Christmas Day.


Prayer at Christmas

Lord, on this Christmas Day,
In the midst of the joy of our celebration, 
Help us recall what is truly important about this day.
In the midst of opening presents, 
Help us remember the love that each gift represents.
In the midst of Christmas dinner,
Help us remember that you are the source of all life.
In the midst of family gatherings,
Help us remember that you are the fullness of all joy,
and in the midst of Christmas Mass, 
help us remember the supreme act of 
Love, sacrifice, and humility that we celebrate
on this Christmas day
When your son came as a 
Helpless, unknown baby and grew to be the 
Life and light of the world.





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