Mongolian Ger Fundraiser

As the cluster youth ministry, we had a big goal —we wanted to raise enough money to buy a Mongolian ger and furnishings. A ger is like a Russian yurt, a felt-lined tent with a wooden door. It  provides much-needed warmth and shelter for a family, especially during the cold Mongolian winters.
We planned to "buy" the ger through World Vision for around $1,800.

Our cluster youth ministry project is ECUMENICAL.  We partnered with teens from other churches.

Thank you for your generous support of the project: through Cans and bottles Returns, Flower sale, Delta Sonic Tickets, Texas Roadhouse Peanuts, and Parish Social Ministry Tithing.

In one year of work we raised $1325 and are very proud to send that off to World Vision.  Even if we did not meet the whole goal - the really winners are the people who will be served by your generosity.

Thank you!

From the youth of St Columba, St Mary, St Vincent