November- A Month to Remember

November - A month to remember our loved ones

In November we take time to especially remember those who have passed away. They may be gone from us, but we keep them always in our hearts. As in years past, we will be placing photos of our loved ones in the windows of our churches. Please bring photos of loved ones that you would like to display. Please put a small note on the back of the photo with your name. There are baskets in each church for the photos.

On Sunday, November 2nd, we will have our annual Remembrance Service. We gather at St. Mary’s at 4:00 pm. Our Catholic belief in the Communion of Saints tells us that our loved ones never really leave us because their spirit and presence continue to influence our daily life. We come together at this service to remember and celebrate those whom we have loved, and to pray for them because it is also our belief that we can assist them with our prayers. And in the process, may we come to feel Christ’s peace and healing tangibly in our lives.


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