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College 101: Planning, Preparing, and Paying—Seminar


College is expensive, but knowledge is power!  With that in mind, it is critical for parents to be informed about the many ways to reduce the expense of higher education, especially loan debt, while at the same time finding the best college fit for their children academically, socially, and for future career goals.


St. Martin de Porres Parish invites all parents of high school students to a free, one-hour educational seminar called, “College 101: Planning, Preparing, and Paying for College” on Sunday, March 24 at St. Mary of the Assumption Church, 4:00-5:30 PM.  It will be presented by Deacon Dean and Janet Condon of College Assistance Plus, a national college consulting company based in Honeoye Falls, NY.  Learn about college selectivity, applications, college costs, financial aid, and scholarships.  Take home real-world solutions for mitigating the cost of sending your student to college without jeopardizing your family’s financial future!


Registration is requested.  To register, email Deacon Dean Condon at or call 585-831-9104

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