About our Cluster

Summary of Cluster Progress



Officially designated a cluster several years ago, the three parishes coordinate a schedule of Masses and other services, and special liturgies, for example at Christmas and during the Easter Triduum. A cluster council representing each parish is assigned to develop unity as a cluster. The cluster council has committees for liturgy, stewardship, evangelization, communication and youth involvement. Each parish also maintains its own committees for faith formation, social ministry, liturgy, hospitality, service and facilities.

Two of the three parishes are in Monroe County; St. Columba is in Livingston County. The parishes are each about 10 miles away from one another. 

The cluster also maintains a collaborative relationship with St. Christopher’s Church in North Chili as part of the diocese’s 5 Saints West Pastoral Planning Group. Representatives from each parish meet quarterly today, but met much more frequently as the cluster evolved more than a decade ago. The relationship continues today with such events as a Lenten retreat among the 5SW parishes.